Made-to-measure men tailoring

In addition to our customized bespoke suits, K-atelier also offers made-to-measure suits, produced in Italy.
Made-to-measure means clothing that is based on a standard pattern. Made-to-measure has generally no fittings during the creation process. While a bespoke suit is made entirely from scratch, a made-to-measure suit is already a partial suit because it is already made to fit each customer individually. This is in contrast to ready-to-wear garments, which are intended to fit the manufacturer's definition of an average customer.

To order a made-to-measure suit the overall dimensions of the customer are measured by our tailor. Based on these dimensions a basic pattern is selected that meets most of the characteristics of the customer. Also can be chosen from a list of options, that are available like fabric, buttons and lining, pattern, pocket style, vent options, pant pleats and lapel width. With any made-to-measure suit you get a tailor-made suit which fits you nicely.

Made to measure

In case of a bespoke suit the customer has full control over the creation of the full suit. Men who choose for made-to-measure suits have some, but not all control over the process. Whatever you may choose, you can always be assured of our expertise. We can help you with choosing a suit that fits your personal style and preferences. K-atelier considers each project as a challenge.

Thanks to a wide experience in the profession our tailor can advise you about the most exquisite fabrics, materials and accessories. These are brought together in a tasteful suit. Because we work with high quality fabrics you are guaranteed a good durability of your suit. Durability and quality are amongst others the pillars on which we have built our reputation.

Quality is our best advertisement and we invite you to meet with this. We welcome you in our studio in Maastricht, perhaps you may soon present yourself to your business partners or dates in a beautifully made-to-measure suit from K-atelier.

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