A bespoke suit - A unique garment, handmade by K-atelier in Maastricht

The term "bespoke" is derived from the word "bespeak". In tailoring it stands for abolute handmade suits. In order to realize a perfect bespoke suit the customer has to fit many times. Bespoke is tailored to the needs of clients and are fully customized. Because it are 100% hand make suits, all of which are unique and exceptional, there's no limit to the options, regarding the complexity of the fit.

Bespoke clothing is cut from a pattern from scratch, thus different from 'ready to wear' also called 'off-the-rack'. Before being able to produce a well-fitting garment the sizes of the customer must be determined exactly. At K-atelier the tailor takes the exact measurements of the customer. After that cutting the customization is the next step, it must be done very carefully because it is the basis for a successful bespoke suit. After that the tailor sews the pieces together to fit all together. A bespoke suit is a combination of cutting and tailoring expertise. The whole process is very labor-intensive. Each suit takes a minimum of 70 hours to create a perfect bespoke garment, using traditional tailoring methods.

Creating the right fit

The fit of a suit is also determined by the materials which are applied on the inside. For our canvas interiors we use horse and camel hair. The result is a light weight jacket that perfectly follows the client's silhouette.

In order to give an attractive appearance to a suit next to an excellent fit, we use buttons made of natural horn and mother of pearl. The handmade button holes and the flower loop, make our suits and exlusive and unique product.

Also the pants need attention. One of the conditions for the pants of a suit is that the pants lightly kiss the shoes. Bespoke is the measure for a unique creation.

The care with which these suits are made distinguishes the wearer from the rest. Good clothing shows respect for the other and is the way to success in business. Someone who chooses a bespoke suit from K-atelier shows an outer appearance, which often reflects his inner self. We can help you in making a bespoke suit that suits you and gives you the appearance that others like.

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